Slot Overview: Free Spins on the Reelin’ Joker

Free Reelin’ Joker is easily identifiable as part of the Joker series of slots developed by Play’n GO based only on the game’s name and promotional materials. This game cuts things down to the basics, with only 3 reels, 1 payline, and a ton of classic icons. Free Reelin’ Joker is a contemporary fruit slot game with a few extras to keep things interesting and challenging for players.

Like the rest of Play’n GO’s joker collection, this one has a friendlier tone in keeping with the freewheeling, wheeling, whatever ethos. Compared to, say, Chronos Joker or Ice Joker, it lacks the dark seriousness and mysteriousness that makes them so intriguing. This one is played in a real casino, with a special area set aside for Free Reelin’ Joker spins. Lights flicker around the gaming grid, giving the impression of an offline casino set in a large tent. In contrast to previous jokers we’ve seen, the one on the reels here seems genuinely happy, but he does exhibit some disturbing eye-rolling behavior during the Free Reelin’ Fun bonus round (more on that below).

Even though there is just 1 payline, players may still wager as much as £/€100 every spin. Free Reelin’ Joker’s volatility is evaluated at 4 out of 10, which places it around the lower end of medium, continuing the game’s humorous approach to the numbers. Since Play’n GO employs variable RTP, the default RTP is more than 96% (96.17%) but you should still verify before playing for real money.

The game’s main objective is to get a winning combination of three Jokers, but the Free Reelin’ Joker feature adds reels to increase the number of possible combinations to as many as six of a kind. The game has the traditional fruit machine low-pay symbols of plums, lemons, and cherries, and the traditional high-pay symbols of either a single seven or a double seven. It is also possible to get a lower payoff by landing a mixture of mixed premiums and low payouts. Win anywhere from 10 to 15 times your original wager for a pure three-of-a-kind seven hand, and 100 to 250 times your original wager for a full house of sevens.

Free Reelin’ Joker wilds are the last stop on this crazy ride. Both a regular wild and a golden wild exist. Both may be used in lieu of other pay symbols to complete wins, with 6 normal wilds paying out 500 times the wager. Only one golden wild with a multiplier of x2 can occur every gaming round.

Slot Machine Functions, Reelin’ Joker for Free

Free Reelin’ Joker’s simplicity extends to this area as well. Free Reelin’ Fun is the only special that has to be discussed. When a joker contributes to a winning combination, one additional reel is added to the matrix. Only mixed victories don’t grow in size, thus this is often true. For instance, you won’t get an extra reel if you get a plum, a lemon, and a joker.

If the additional reel improves the payout, another reel is added, and so on, up to a maximum of six reels. When you get to 6, the game stops adding reels and pays out the total win.

Slot Evaluation: The Joker Is Free to Spin

Not much can be said about this one. Free Reelin’ Joker is a solid choice for anyone seeking a simple, one-payline slot machine experience with a joker theme. All you have to do is sit back, hit spin, and hope for as many jokers as possible; the rules are straightforward, and the game’s features are minimal. Play’n GO polished the visuals to perfection and added smooth animations to give the game an elegant appearance. It’s one of the more aesthetically pleasing joker-themed games this developer has released.

The Free Reelin’ Fun function then helps the game progress while accumulating greater victories, bringing us to the gaming proper. Like Crazy Tooth’s implementation in their Seven 7’s game, this one helps the player win more frequently. In contrast to Seven 7’s, which was both novel and possibly lucrative, Free Reelin’ Joker is neither.

To win the ultimate reward, you need to get jokers on all six reels, including the golden joker. If you succeed, you’ll get a payout that’s a thousand times your initial investment. If you’re a gambler who likes to know the odds, you should know that the likelihood of it happening is one in 735,917. To rephrase, players who need consistent, if small, hits to keep them engaged should go elsewhere, but the decreased volatility does imply regular victories.

Hardcore gamblers won’t find anything to get excited about in Free Reelin’ Joker. On the other hand, if big victories aren’t necessary, it’s great for a casual one-line diversion. To sum up, Free Reelin’ Joker is another finely tuned Play’n GO slot that offers a unique take on the joker theme.